Thursday, June 12, 2008

Some Spiritual Advice

There’s nothing like having an enemy and a friend to cut you to the core – an enemy to conduct his deeds and a friend to defend his indiscretions to you. The two really do deserve each other. Better, they deserve to be together on a remote island far away from the rest of us who want to pursue better things.

If you've ever found yourself in this situation, you've no doubt dealt with resentment. Nothing is worse than living your days being resentful over a working relationship gone sour - particularly one where you put up $$$ in the deal.

So_Let_Go. Yes, it can be that simple. Believe me, you will meet other like-minded individuals while you are working on your dream home. Other out-of-towners AND locals doing the same thing you are doing will seek you out. You will be pursued by members of the local preservation society, art council, and other like-minded groups because they already see you as kindred spirit. Most of these folks will be every bit as cultured, educated, and self-sufficient as you.

You’ll soon wonder why you wasted your time with those who approached your project with "opportunistic" intentions.

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