Sunday, June 15, 2008

Flood Update - Sunday

Hey, All
Here are the latest flood pictures from Hannibal. Things are changing course very quickly with the water heading up the levee and currents rushing by.

The photos below are courtesy of our wonderful neighbors and the hosts of Garden House B&B.

The "Historic District" side of a floodgate. It looks like sandbags are needed to clog up the leakage.

The other (river) side of that floodgate.

Here's a view looking northeast. Hannibal for now is unplagued by loud train whistles since all train tracks are underwater. The railroad bridge connecting Hannibal to the Illinois side will be several feet underwater soon if this keeps up.

Here's a view looking south. You are looking at Hannibal's Marina. Bubba's restaurant is the big brick building at the foot of the hills.

Between the berm, floodgates, and jersey barriers, sandbags are not necessarily needed to create the flood barrier itself. The jersey barriers are the extra two feet added to the floodgate. Once in place, they are covered with plastic sheeting and sandbags are used to weigh down and clog the areas between each barrier, as shown below.

The complete deal in now in place.

Amid all the excitement, we've ignored our restoration progress. We'll get back to business later this week.

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