Sunday, July 13, 2008

Exterior Brickwork - Part 2

Work on the exterior brick of the house commenced last winter - the dead of winter, with all the snow and ice storms that plague this area of the country.

After negotiating all the particulars, the job commenced with the building of scaffolds around the north and south sides of the house.

The scaffolding is almost complete on the northside of the house. Fortunately for us, we experienced unusually sunny days for this leg of the job.

Here's the loftier area of the northside.

Scaffold building commences on the southside of the house. Note that the stone edge of the brick wall has now been returned to its original color, after a thorough acid-washing. Notice the difference from my previous post?

Since the upper portions of the brick walls have been free-standing (unattached to the main structure) for the entire life of the house, these areas required the most intensive treatment. Solution: tear down the upper 8-feet portions of both walls and rebuild with original bricks, new bricks, and mortar.

An army crew descended upon the house, working on and off (weather permitting) for two months. In Part III, I will show you the amazingly seamless results.

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